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Lynwen Brown

Sep 16, 2023

Switching chains

How do I switch between chains on Aurox Wallet. I have the chain I want in my list of chains but I can't see how to go from ETH to the chain I want to be in


Apr 16, 2023

browser selection

Hi, can I install Aurox wallet on Brave browser?

Lyndon Harrison

Jan 26, 2023


I click on the icon a page opens and it says my user name but the password no longer appears and I cant find it in my manager. How do I access my account please?


Jan 26, 2023

Aurox Wallet

This wallet won't open in any browser. Whenever I click on it this web page pops up instead. chrome-extension://kilnpioakcdndlodeeceffgjdpojajlo/onboarding.html

Lyndon Harrison

Jan 18, 2023

How do i recover my account as somehow lost password? Been asking for over a week!

Lost password

Ross C Houck

Dec 7, 2022

how to get a aurox wallet

on download to desktop where is the button to hit which starts the the download. how do I get the wallet in my name

Jerrad Ferris

Dec 5, 2022

Update Chrome Extension...

My current Aurox/Chrome Extension shows as v1.0, download site shows v1.0.2 out now, but not finding a way to upgrade. Also, not finding how to swap the eth in my wallet to other coins. When I hit the swap, it just states "Gasless swapping will be released November-December"!

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