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Ben Alcalá

Aug 27, 2021

Aurora New Tab

Google blocked version 1.3.2. Uninstalling and re-installing fixes that issue on both Chrome and Edge. However the large clock that used to be on the center of the home page is now gone in favor of a SMALL clock on the top right of the screen. Can you restore the large clock? Make it an option in case people like the new look. Thanks!

Anthony Hammon

Aug 26, 2021

Not working

This doesn't seem to be working anymore. Is it coming back?

Crash Hard

Aug 26, 2021

aurora not working on chrome

Aurora New Tab seems to be out of commission. Do you have a fix?

Ed Bevan

Jan 19, 2020

Other search engines?

Is there a way to change the search engine away from Google?

Elia Secchiero

Jul 11, 2018

Bing region, button for services

Add the possibility to change bing region, and a button to show google services (not only the apps). Add other languages.

Nick Morgan

Jul 19, 2017

Open new page on startup

When I startup Chrome, I get my previous session rather than a new page.

I've tried to change the setting in Chrome but it says that it's being controlled by Aurora New Tab.

I've searched the settings within Aurora New Tab and I can't find anything that would change this.

Please let me know how I can get a new page on startup rather than the previous session.


Ethan Winer

Feb 13, 2016

Love it!

I love your app!
If Possible try adding 500px/Pixabay/Flickr as image options also.

Nika Nakaidze

Jan 21, 2016



Travis M

Sep 9, 2015

Bookmarks Button

Please put a button for chrome://bookmarks right next to the apps button. Access to bookmarks is much more useful to me. Outside of that, this is an awesome new tab extension. Gives me pretty much what I need except for bookmarks. Thanks for the notes/to-do optionality but I use other apps for those things (Notes, Evernote, Winderlist, etc etc). The opacity on the top of the search bar (against dark backgrounds) needs to be fixed as well.

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