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Meri New

Apr 7, 2024

"Could Not move extension directory into profile"

I am having the same issue as everyone else. One of the reasons I chose Aura was bc it had the password package. Now I can't use it? I have tried shutting down the online security as well as the firewall, neither of which work add this extension. Please help!! I have contacted support, but they have no idea, so I am left with not having it. Shall I cancel membership??? HELP!!

Daniela Tsoncheva

Mar 24, 2024

Couldn't add Chrome extension to profile

I get the message "Could not move extension directory into profile" when I try to install the extension. Please help!

Madison Pierce

Mar 20, 2024

"Could not move extension directory into profile"

I am trying to download the Aura chrome extension and I keep getting error messages saying "Could not move extension directory into profile"... I have done everything I can think of to troubleshoot. please help?

Aidan Wishart

Mar 11, 2024

Failure to download Chrome Extension

I am constantly getting an erro which says "Could not move extension directory into profile" what am I suppose to do?

David Neglia

Feb 20, 2024

Cannot install extension

Extension stopped working (unable to sign in despite entering correct credentials and pass code) removed extension, i cannot reload , eventually the install process times out.

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