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Judy Ward

Jun 19, 2023

How can I select music from my drive?

I don't know how it selected songs to edit. I want to select songs from my google drive.

Frederick Liddell

Mar 26, 2022

Shutting Down My Laptop

I have a love Hate feeling for your app. First I would like to know why do you, shut down my laptop? Or suspend me or whatever takes place to cause one of my laptops to never work again. This one was once down 3 days. My second question is I was just working on my music. When as usual screen went black causing me to have to reboot. Where are the numerous songs of mine that never show up again using your app?

DJ Gilio

Sep 7, 2021

musicas eletronica

como começar a editar minhas musica

Corey's On Delivery

Feb 10, 2021

play button

the play button keeps moving after i record

Corey's On Delivery

Feb 10, 2021


the cursor keeps moving after i record

Corey's On Delivery

Feb 10, 2021

play button and bouncing mp3

my redcoolmedia is not allowing me to play wavs and record and bounce mp3 files

Yves Journet

Sep 17, 2019

Selecting before deleting

I haven't found any help section in this app. ! So I'm keeping unable in selecting a part of a sound file on the way to delete it.
So, if some one could explain me...

Emily Smith

Sep 1, 2019

Slowing down audio

How do I slow down the audio?

8o adminweb

Apr 3, 2019

Rev. 12.7
+ New detection database of 67 new viruses
+ New detection/restriction method to protect from unknown program
+ Improvement in protection from ransomware and other malwares
+ CPU usage is smaller than previous versions.
+ Penambahan database 67 virus baru
+ Penambahan teknik deteksi/blokir program tidak dikenal
+ Peningkatan kemampuan proteksi dari ransomware dan malware lainnya.
+ Penggunaan CPU (sumber daya) yang lebih ringan.
Smadav 2019 Rev. 12.6
+ New detection database of 123 new viruses
+ New detection method to protect from Ransomware: Rumba/STOP/DJVU/TFUDET
+ Fixing program bugs and false detection
+ Penambahan database 123 virus baru
+ Penambahan teknik deteksi untuk pencegahan Ransomware Rumba/STOP/DJVU/TFUDET
+ Perbaikan kesalahan program (bug) dan kesalahan deteksi.
Smadav 2019 Rev. 12.5

Kamal Grover

Nov 19, 2018


im not sure how to eport my file as an mp3

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