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Edson Elias Barbosa De Souza Barbosa

May 12, 2024

Sobre o máximo de arquivos ele pode se usado durante o dia

Deveria suportar mais que 70 arquivos, deveri máximo 500 arquivos por dia ia ajudar muito.

Jimmy Sandra

Mar 21, 2024

mudah dan bagus

cepat untuk meng convert , Thanks

Lucia Lagat

Nov 15, 2023

thank you very much!!!

very useful!!! thank you!!!
i don't know how to express my THANK YOU!!!

Toninho Silva

Aug 25, 2022

Baixa mas não converte

Não consigo mais converter nada, o que aconteceu?

iris White

Apr 18, 2022


I have the premium use of this app but how do I get it to download I use Safari browser on MAC desktop.Otherwise I have to keep using the free version please connect with me at
Iris White

jose horacio vazquez jimenez

Jan 17, 2022

ro convertir musica a mp3

pero no se puede porque no viene lo es el archivo

Jan Thomas

Sep 25, 2021

Convert MP3 to WMA

I downloaded this. It came up when I googled "Convert MP3 to WMA" but it appears to only convert TO MP3, NOT FROM IT. Is there a way to do this on your product? Don't give me all the reasons why to convert to MP3. My player will not play MP3.

Greg Wheeler

Nov 9, 2020

Will this convert from an external CD ROM on a chromebook?

I want to rip my CD library for use on my phone and other devices. I have a Samsung Plus Chromebook as my main device, looking to purchase a CD ROM and convert the library.

Kevin Swan

Oct 17, 2020

Where are the converted files stored on the computer?

Can't seem to locate the files after I've converted them!

Natividad Dorado

Jun 4, 2020


ERROR XHR en audio

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