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Yasuhiro Kimura

Jul 8, 2023

Local file isn't rendered successfully

I added this extension to 64bit Chrome running on 64bit Window 10 2022H2, and enabled "Allow access to file URLs" in chrome://extensions.
When I access to AsciiDoc file on web server, it is successfully rendered.
But if I open local one (either typing Ctrl-o and selecting file, or drag-and-droping from explorer to Chrome window), then it isn't rendered and source is displayed as is.
What should I do to make the extention render local file?

Neil Brennan

Jul 13, 2022

This plugin just doesn't work for me at all

I'm on an M1 MacBook Pro, running the latest versions of Chrome and MacOs. Unlike other users, I'm not having the issue where Chrome downloads the .adoc file, my problem is that the raw asciidoc is shown in my browser with no conversion at all. Basically Chrome is just treating it as a text file. No idea how to make this work! Safari doesn't work either, in fact it's worse, with file refusing to actually open. Maybe I'll try Firefox?

Kevin Olree

May 14, 2021

adoc files being saved to Downloads folder and not opened in browser

I can open an adoc file in Chrome using File->open and the extension renders it - yay! But when I open the same file from a local web server as http://localhost:8000/<the file> it downloads the file instead of triggering the extension. I have allowed 'http://localhost:8000/*' in the extension settings.

Thomas Nilefalk

Apr 5, 2021

Does not work with WSL-files (Windows)

It seems that local file rendering does not work when the file is stored in the wsl$ file storage. The file loads in the browser but the preview does not happen. The same file, when stored on the Windows-"side" works perfectly.

Germo Görtz

Feb 7, 2021

plantUML content is not rendered

I have some plantUML content, but only the code is shown, not the diagram. The code in the files is something like

[plantuml, business-context, svg]
left to right direction

actor "DWH Developer" as dwh_dev
actor "DWH User" as dwh_user

package "MS SQL" {
database "Repository DB" as repo
database "DWH DB" as dwh

dwh_dev --> repo
dwh_dev --> dwh
dwh <-- dwh_user

Boyd Kelly

Feb 6, 2021

Doesn't work on chromebook

open .adoc file in Downloads folder on chromebook. asciidoctor doesn't render even when extension is active.

Jérôme Vuarand

Mar 16, 2020

No longer loading online

Recently my the plugin stopped working in my Chrome on Windows for online files. It still works for file:// URLs. I don't use it daily, but I think it stopped working around the last release (2.4.0, which is what I have now). The URL is of the form:;a=blob_plain;f=path/to/
Now the file is always displayed as plain text.

Since the URL is quite complex, I thought maybe it was because of that (it worked before though). I tried hosting the file on another server with a simple http://server/ URL, but whatever MIME type I set the file gets downloaded by Chrome instead of being displayed.

Sarah Biddle

Feb 6, 2020

Includes are completely broken

This morning the extension is completely broken. It doesn't resolve any includes, which work fine when using other build tools.

Jérémy Blanc

May 14, 2019

Plantuml (with external file) support


I tried to add a link to a plantuml diagram like this :
plantuml::test.puml[format="png", alt=""]
And here is the error I get :
Error : Cannot find module "./node-fs"

Is there a way to configure the plugin in order to make it work ?

Thanks for your plugin which is really usefull :)

Gavin Macaulay

May 7, 2019

Support for asciidoctor-bibtex?


Does the live preview support asciidoctor-bibtex? My bibliographies don't show up, but perhaps I need to configure something?


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