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Krzysztof Sokołowski

Jun 21, 2021

Tasks without dates are unavailable now

Hello, recent update removed tasks from list that have no date assigned? was it intentional? can we turn it back on or something? could you maybe fix it?

R Conley

Feb 12, 2021


Sorry - I must be dense - How do I use it? I have it installed and work with asana... but no obvious interface?

Nikita Korotaev

Apr 15, 2020

Add always visible input for the new task

My workflow is that I need quickly add multiple tasks for myself. Pressing "+" every time adds friction. Would be great to have an always visible input for a new task, and add a task by pressing "Enter"

Nikita Korotaev

Apr 15, 2020

How to set defaults?

How to set default workspace & due date?

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