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Chris Purves

Apr 27, 2023

Custom field with spaces

Asana has a build-in custom field, Task Progress. How do I add it to a template? I tried {{custom_fields_simple.TaskProgress}} which didn't work and {{custom_fields_simple."Task Progress"}} which also didn't work.

Brock Zagel

Apr 14, 2023

Copy and pasting descriptions with numbered lists to MS Office or Google Docs doesn't work

When I copy and paste from an Asana task description to one of these software productions (Outlook, OneNote, Word, Google Docs), it messes up the numbering. It looks like this:
1. Create data views
2. Giving
3. Attendance
4. Create Reports
5. Gave in the last 500 days

The original is like this:
1. Create data views
a. Giving
b. Attendance
2. Create Reports
a. Gave in the last 500 days

Does this plugin have a way to solve this?

herwig evenepoel

Mar 15, 2023

Error msg: First select one or more tasks (or subtasks) then try again

In list view it only works when I select only one task. When I select more than one task then there is this error: First select one or more tasks (or subtasks) then try again

Katie Kendle

Oct 8, 2022

How to format custom field as currency

This is such a great tool! I have found it very easy to customize. However, I'm struggling to get the right syntax to format my output as currency. I assume it is similar to the dateTimeFmt helper, but I don't know what command to use. Here's my code:

<td class="custom-field">{{lookup custom_fields_simple 'Request Amt'}}{{~varAddTo 'REQUESTAMT' (lookup custom_fields_simple 'Request Amt')~}}</td>

I've looked up various options but I can't figure out how to incorporate them into this code. I want my displayed output to have commas, a decimal, and a $, and preferably simply leave it blank if 'Request Amt' is blank. $15,223.00 for example.

Kristina Kratsios

Feb 16, 2022

Printing one task

I want to print one task from the portal and include some of the custom fields and the description only. Is this possible?

Brian Griffith

Oct 12, 2021

A2G Output Limits

Hi Larry - I'm new to A2G and love the functionality already (thank you!!) but am encountering the same issue as Nils (Feb 12, 2020) as I attempt to export (CSV - Detailed) projects with a large number of tasks (400+). I assume the constraint is memory as I noticed the export has approximately as many records as are displayed in my browser without needing to (re)load when I scroll up or down. For now I am exporting in batches but that's obviously not ideal so I wanted to see if a workaround or solution had been identified since this limitation was first raised a while back. Thank you again!

Jonathan Ching

Aug 12, 2021

Asana 2 Go asking me to login when Im and already logged in and is not working.

Asana 2 go was working fine a week or so ago. Now when I click on the extension it asks me to login to Asana first (whilst I already logged into Asana).

Stephen Quinn

Mar 26, 2021

Interactive Table Custom Print

Hi, when I pull up the interactive table I like to change the column visibility to reflect the sections that I need, however; when I go to print the sections that I need it does not allow me to print just those sections and instead prints everything.

Is there a way to only print the sections I choose in the column visibility area?


Samantha Dupen

Feb 24, 2021

Export Comments?

Is there a way to export the comments themselves not just #comments (which seems to be a count of comments, although I have not found any numbers in this column yet, even when there are comments on the tickets) I am using the Table-interactive, View+Copy options, but have tried a few others to no avail.
Many thanks


Feb 17, 2021

Asana2go Table - Basic

when i run the table - basic pre configured report it never shows sections - am i missing something?

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