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Apr 8, 2019

Refine the icon of this extension

For the latest version Chrome running in Mac in dark mode, since the icon is black and the menu area is dark grey, it's difficult to distinguish the icon out of the extension area. It looks weird.

Alessandro Screm

Apr 22, 2018


Is possible to use ssl?

Alessandro Screm

Apr 22, 2018


it is possible to use token

Yang Lv (laobubu)

May 22, 2017

Add Capture Toggle into Popup

Please add a [Capture] toggle into Popup. Opening option page to switch the featue is inconvenient.

Pierre Untel

Apr 21, 2017 should be blacklist by default

Link like filesystem: will not work on aria2

Michael Freeman

Mar 4, 2017


Love this, but sometimes it works, otherwise not. Using Version 55.0.2883.87 (64-bit) and Aria2 1.31.0. Download does get passed to Aria but sometimes it just starts in Chrome. Cheers.

Giovanni Ritacco

Mar 16, 2016

It does not work with proxy

It fails to connect with aria2 server, when the settings are set to the proxy. Please can you fix it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 21, 2015 another word

What do I put in
for magnet link?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 20, 2015

add download directory option

Please add download directory option.
Currently it's aria2c's default download directory.
I wanna add more.

Also is it possible to autodetect magnet link?

Ishan Marikar

Jun 13, 2015

Add counter in icon

It would be pretty cool if you could add a counter of added downloads/finished downloads or something similar to that in the extension icon.

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