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John H

Jul 20, 2023

Code Formatter

In the list of keyboard shortcuts, ctrl-m says to make pretty. This doesn't seem to work. Do i need to install some additional code for this option? Your comments would be appreciated.

Matthew Hamilton

Mar 27, 2023


I love this app! I use it a LOT. However, I accidentally changed the theme and I can't remember the name of the default theme. Also, I cannot scroll through the list of themes.

1. Can you add this to the Chrome Web Store description? The default theme is [theme name].
2. Can you make the list of themes scrollable?

Thank you!

Jiří Sedláček

Oct 13, 2021

User Preferences; scrollPastEnd

I really miss the User Preferences from the previous editor Caret.

If I had to name one basic setting out of dozens of others, it's this one, I've gotten very used to it:
"scrollPastEnd": true, //allow the editor to scroll past the end of the document

But I suspect that this may not be easy to implement given the use of Code minimap and Code folding.

Gary Kimmelman

Mar 24, 2021

node_modules folder isn't showing in Archetype

As per title the node_modules folder is not showing in the directory list when I open my project folder in Archetype. Does the app have size limits? The size of the folder is 14.8MB and has a total of 1732 files.

sharief sirajam

Mar 11, 2021

It keeps crashing

It keeps crashing if i want to open up a file, does it have limitations based on the file? Its my first time using it so I don't know what to do...

Bryson Cooper

Jan 25, 2021

Download issues

Am I the only one having a hard time downloading the app? It is telling me that it can't be added to chrome because it is in the process of doing so. That is not the case. I'm exhausted, so bear with me as that may be the culprit.


Apr 29, 2020

Language support

I dont see PHP support.

Also the VS Code autocompletion for classes in other files would be great.

Paul Duffy

Apr 27, 2020

Select text in tablet mode.

How can I select text for copy?

Tom Lynch

Apr 22, 2020

Can't save files to a SFTP Mount Point Chromebook

I'd like to switch from Caret to Archetype but I have discovered a problem.

I mount EC2 instances to my Chromebook to do AWS development. I save all my data on the EC2 instance within customer VPCs. Why? Solves a compliance concern of keeping all data and code within the customer boundary.

Any how, the problem I have with Archetype is saves to the SFTP mount result in 0 byte files. It acts like the save works.

Any idea why?
Can this be fixed?

If this can be fixed I'll buy a copy - purchasing the editor isn't at all my concern.

Thanks - Tom


Feb 28, 2020

Git integration

Git project management/sync. Somewhat like the Chrome Tailor Code Editor.

Google apps