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Jun 7, 2020

How can i delete this extension???

How can i delete this extension, because i can't


Jun 10, 2019

I do not know how to delete pls help

It is a good idea and high quality but i prefer the white edges


Mar 7, 2018


my moving wallpaper quit, how can I download again

Teri Pendrak

Mar 18, 2017

make wallpapaer

i love the aqurium how do i make it fit my screen thanks teri


May 17, 2016


I down loaded this and can not find any way to un-install the silly thing. I see only the top above teh main window I have open as I have a star wars theme I prefer. At least that I can un-stall at will!!!

Gary Davies

Mar 20, 2016


How can I remove this app?

joanne stansberry

Jan 26, 2016

did not get app

did not get app became wallpaper in app window

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 21, 2016

how to remove recent search

I love this beautiful aquarium as my theme however, a huge part of the aquarium is covered by the Google Chrome boxes of my "recently seen pages". Is there a way I remove those because I never use them anyway?

Billy Patterson

Dec 5, 2013

can you download my aquarium to desktop

so i can watch it

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