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najmol khan

Nov 10, 2023


very useful but should add a feature to make the screen bigger

Vikram Kanth

Oct 31, 2020

Super quick help required

I've categorised all extensions into folders. But i am unable to see any extensions when I launch this extension. its only showing me the fresh page that appears just after you have installed the app.

I hope i have been able to communicate clearly. I would have attached a screenshot to make it more clear, but I am unable to do so here.

Alex Nope

Dec 29, 2019

add export option

- without an export option every reinstall means going through the process of creating groups and throwing each extension into a group again.
- the extension lacks drag&drop too.
- could have an option to export the groups and extension list for later import

Mexie Mex

Dec 9, 2018

Dead project?

Is this now a dead project, or is it still active?

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 8, 2017


Does the organization of apps not sync across chrome running on different machines? I organized a bunch at the office, got home and it's not reflecting on my home chrome.

Andrius Žilėnas

Jul 24, 2017

sort apps alphabetically?

any way to sort apps alphabetically?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 5, 2016

launcher not showing all extensions

They're all there when I click 'manage apps and extensions", but not in the launcher.

Xian Brock

Jun 17, 2016

desktop AppJump

with Google announcing plans to scrap their App Launcher, a desktop/taskbar version of AppJump would be a perfect alternative.


Aug 2, 2015

Edit Groups

I cant edit groups at the bottm on the list of groups. Also how can I rearrange the order of the groups?

Alex Nope

Apr 24, 2015

no update

there've been lots of good suggestions, but this extension hasn't been updated in 2 years, is there a good similar extension?

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