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Sarah Haver

May 30, 2024

Performance issues with new 4.14.0 version

Caused our local devloop to take several seconds (with 100% CPU usage) to do in-app navigation.
Chrome profiling revealed a 100-1000x increase in the time taken to tear down apollo subscriptions.
Looks like the new update came out today - disabling (and removing) this extension fixed the issue.

Hendrik Schalekamp

Mar 12, 2024

Extension interferes with Google Cloud Console on Chrome browsers

There are some of the Google Cloud Console pages which do not load if this extension is activated. E.g., and

Maurizio Kraus

Sep 8, 2023

Scrollbars do not appear on the UI

I am currently using Chrome as a browser for development, there are no scrollbars in the UI, I cannot see the full list of cached elements or queries because there is no scroll bar to explore them completely, I tried removing the extension and installing it again but the problem persists, even whit all the other functionalities working apparently fine

Katleho Komeke

Apr 1, 2023

Extension is not working

I downloaded the chrome extension. It's not working.
I also downloaded the firefox extension. Also not working.

The extension doesn't even show up when open the dev tools.

Liz Marks

Feb 27, 2023

Stopped working

No longer appeared on the Developer Tools toolbar. Uninstalled and reinstalled, it now seems to be working again

Tyler Andreasen

Nov 8, 2022

Doesn't work

Just doesn't work - doesn't show up, can't see in network tab - nothing.

Kathleen Kierulf

Nov 3, 2022

Apollo extension does not appear on dev tools using Chrome in MacOs

Apollo extension is not showing on devtools

Andrew Keiser

Feb 20, 2022

All the sudden stopped working

Not sure if it's me or a widespread issue but all the sudden the Apollo Client Devtools stopped populating any queries, mutations or cache

Jakob Dagsland Knutsen

Nov 4, 2021

Workaround for broken extension

TLDR; Remove extension, Add extension.

Like many others, the extension suddenly broke on my end. I thought it was related to an update, but after removing and re-adding the extension it works again, which leads me to believe there's a caching issue somewhere. A colleague also noticed that the schema fails to pick up on server-side changes. I hope this helps.

Chris Stoddart

Sep 28, 2021

Panel Resizing

Hello, I am unable to resize the areas within Apollo DevTools tabs aside from the GraphiQL tab which resizes just fine. I open DevTools to observe Apollo cache and unless I resize Chrome DevTools to be much larger than I prefer I am unable to legibly view the Apollo cache. Additionally the left side panel is much larger than it needs to be which further prevents me from comfortably using this extension. Please allow resizing in tabs other than GraphiQL.

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