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David Engländer

Apr 18, 2024

refund - I've cancelled my plan, yet 59 USD have been deducted from my account

Even though I have cancelled my plan, the money has still been deducted from my account! I want my money back! Please contact me!
Thank you!

Pierre Provencal

Mar 16, 2024

Trynig to extract list of PGA players with Top 10 stats ...

On this page :

Does not work. In the CSV file, only returns empty numbered fileds.

Let me know at

Vicky Benari

Jul 11, 2023

can't activate the app

Trying to scrap the following site:
And the window on the left appears and disappears immediately.
How to fix it ?


Apr 26, 2023

Scraping Google.

I am an investigator. I would like to know if this tool would be capable of scraping google Maps search results for a particular type of search.. IE:If I search for a type of business, Dentists for example, will it scrape for a particular Zipcode or geographical area?

Mark Quashie

Jan 31, 2023

free chrome extention not working?

Hi there, the extention is not working on my laptop, I have logged in and when I try and scrape any web site I get a message with regards to authtification? please advise

Kind regards


Ron H

Jan 5, 2023


Hi Everyone

could you please sent me a video explaining how to use your app

Thank you


May 26, 2022

Can not open the panel after 24 hours

Your plugin works good, I have been using it for 6 months so far. During the last 45 days, your extension can not reopen after 24 hours of installation. I have to remove and reinstall to get it work. I do not know why? If you have any suggestion to fix it, I would like to know. I am a premium user, using Chrome Version 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (arm64).

Tanvir Roky

May 20, 2022

suddenly stopped working

Worked yesterday but now it's not working at all. Asking to sign in but when i clicking on sign in button, nothing happen. I also tried on Microsoft Edge and the same problem

Bánkúti Péter

Dec 14, 2020

No next button in the pagination nav

Hi there,

AnyPicker is really great, however there are some sites that do not have any next/previous buttons in the pagination bar, just page numbers. Such sites do not navigate by page scrolling. The best i could figure out is telling AnyPicker "2" would be the next button, but in that case i can never scrape anything beyond page 2. How to handle such pages?


David Fishman

Nov 11, 2020

App not working

Hi, I have been using AnyPicker for a while now and this is the first time I'm having any issues. I bought a lifetime license a while back.

I get this error when I launch the app in Chrome: Sorry, can not connect to AnyPicker server to authenticate your access key...

And this error when I tried going to your website: Sorry, looks like your app is not running. Try scaling up by running `gigalixir ps:scale --replicas=1`

Can you please assist?

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