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Sakura Severn

Jul 26, 2022

It doesnt work!

Hi, im a big fan of animal crossing. However, this chrome extension does not even turn on! please do something about this, im extremely disappointed.


Jul 11, 2020

Doesnt work

not at all

Lydia Stuckey

May 4, 2020


i kinda wish this worked on google docs.

Purple Soda

Apr 27, 2020

Animalese add on won't work

When I added it, I went to a new tab, and it didn't do anything :/ I don't know how to fix this because when I go to mange the options, everything is on, and it doesn't let me manage anything else :/// So idk what to do.

Chef Monky (Cheph)

Apr 27, 2020

its not working

this isnt working how do i get it to work?

Mathis Duclos

Apr 23, 2020

The extension does not work

I click on the extension's icon but nothing happens. ( Sadness )

P.S. : If you can answer me in French it would be very pleasant for me but, it is not obligatory.

Ren Juge

Apr 13, 2020

it aint workin

i really want this to work but it just won't :(

all i want is some peaceful animalese while i'm writing ;-;

it would be great if you help me out :)

thank you!

Zakk Fuhlbrick

Mar 17, 2020


nothing happens at all.

Jay Minton

Mar 10, 2020

dont know how to work it

ive tried clicking it or changing the permissions but i cant get it to work. nothing happens when i click on it

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 29, 2018

Won't work

please some one show me how the heck to get this extension to work, cuz it bloody wont for me and im pi s s e d

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