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Gitesh Sahu

Nov 1, 2023

Simple message

Have hack using it for a few months and warned android phone hack

Dave Becker

Sep 19, 2022

Fix For Windows Download

Messaging is still available as a Windows app, you need to go to the messages in the browser at, then click the "Install App" link in the upper right hand corner of the window. Voila!

Danny Fuentes

Jun 11, 2022

Extension not available

The file does no longer exist. Please bring it back. This is very useful

Russell Baker

Apr 1, 2022

file no longer exists

got a new pc. went to download the messages for web extension and I get "an error has occured" download interrupted. Seems the file is missing. Please bring it back! :) thank you

architect ward

Jan 27, 2022

disappeared and won't download

as described above

Loren Dilger

Oct 13, 2021

Extension no longer working

I have been using this extension for almost 2 years and one day the extension stopped working so I removed it and not it will not let me download it again. The file reads as "Failed - No File" and it states that "An error has occurred" "Download interrupted"

Dee Emm

Sep 23, 2021

Messages for Web Chrome Extension won't install

Hi Support,

I used to have this extension on my browser and then I accidentally removed it. When I tried to re-install this week, I am receiving an error message: An Error Occured: Download Interrupted. Reload or Cancel. If I reload, I get the same error. Help! I can still access the web page, just not install the extension.

Jesse Manning

Sep 12, 2021

Problem with Brave Browser

It seems download might be blocked by Brave, when I hit download it says an error has occurred, download shows up at bottom but says "Failed - No file". Any ideas? A fix would be greatly appreciated!

Melissa Shaw LaShare (Lisa)

Jan 21, 2021


I recieved a chromebook for Christmas, Its for my personal use.I need to install messenger ( the one thats for messeges for web). but Im unable to install its saying my deice is not compatible..Any suggestuions..Help me please..

Kristey H

Jan 8, 2021


The instructions don't apply to Samsung A20. It's defective and it won't back up. I have to get my texts copied from it. I just found my uncles after 60 years. We text. I have to save the texts. can you please help me?

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