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Galina Kean

Apr 15, 2021

names and addresses

I see that there are no more names or addresses in the orders. Please advise

Alina Buzatu

Jan 18, 2021

Can my VA use the extension, if I will buy it using our company's details?

Hi there!

I plan to buy the AMZ Review to Order Matching extension from our company's account, but the one that will be using the extension will be my VA. Can you please guide me on how to offer him access to the extension once I buy it?

Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Alina Buzatu

Bogdan Iacob

Nov 10, 2020


Hi There,
How can I subscribe on this extension and cancel the monthly payment

Many Thanks

Phoebe Charm

Jun 1, 2020

I met a problem when adding the extension on my browser

I've paid for the extension and got the charge message from my bank, however, I encountered an issue when downloading the extension.

Please assist.

Thank you,

Tyler Peck

Mar 15, 2020

Automated billing


We have had this app disabled for a long time and I didn't realise we were being charged, please can you refund the charges and cancel our subscription?



tammy wainwright

Feb 13, 2020


I message 3 weeks ago to cancel my subscription and now it looks like I have been charged again.

Alicius Schröder

Feb 10, 2020

Subscription Refund

Hi there, I've been testing your extension but I'm not satisfied with the results. Please refund my purchase with transaction ID: CWS.9218-9447-5868-29594


Tiny Gifts Customer Care

Jan 29, 2020

Regular plan

Is the regular plan a monthly plan?

tammy wainwright

Jan 20, 2020


please cancel my subscription. too hard to use now that amazon has removed all names

Mohammad G

Dec 14, 2019



I would like a refund on this product. Didn't realize there's additional work from my end to make the extension work

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