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Caitlin Perry

Jan 29, 2024

Extension not firing

The extension previously worked fine, as recent as two weeks ago. Now it stopped appearing to provide the data and events on my website

Elena Mikhaylova

Jul 13, 2023

extension doesn't work

I have tried to use the extension in 2 chromium browsers (chrome, arc), and the Amplitude windows never show up. If i click the extension, I am just taken to the chrome store

Bruno Palma

Jun 20, 2023

Stopped working on Chrome

Event Monitor Screen shows and immediately redirects to chrome web store.

Any clues?

Harshvardhan Yadav

May 12, 2023

Unable to track event/attribute

Hey Team, I am unable to fetch events/attribute through the event explorer for the website. Can you guide me on how to troubleshoot this problem?

İlayda Lynch

Apr 19, 2023

Not functional

Every time I click on the extension, it navigates me to the google chrome web store.

Jake Novick

Apr 11, 2023

Not working

Every time i click the plug in button on my browser, it navigates me here:

I think i saw it flash the explorer component once.


Tony Martinez

Aug 9, 2022

Not working

This extension used to deliver all tracking events in a easy-to-read fashion. Nowadays it is not longing working. It isn't opening the popup anymore, no idea what happened with this.
I'm using chrome version 104.0.5112.79 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Eugene Doe

Jul 14, 2022

The extension doesn't work with Amplitude SDK as an npm package

I'm using the new @amplitude/analytics-browser npm package and the extension doesn't show any events . Am I doing something wrong, or is the extension doesn't support the new sdk?

Hina Bharti

Jun 10, 2021

dont use max-height in Details__panes___a0Fk4

because of this css logged event is not visible to user

Andzej Muchliada

May 25, 2021

Wrong logging of the events

If for any of you the extension doesn't log the events properly, try turning off ad blocker if you have any turned on.

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