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Effortlessly extract and analyze Amazon reviews. Download data in CSV/JSON/XLSX and use AI for concise, actionable summaries.

Amazon Reviews Extractor—your go-to tool for effortlessly mining customer feedback. With our extension, you can scrape and export complete review data with just one click, streamlining your analysis process. Our user-friendly extension allows anyone to extract actionable insights from Amazon reviews without any coding knowledge. Here’s how it works: 1. Open any product page on 2. Click the "Download Reviews" button next to "Number ratings." 3. Filter and sort the reviews by stars, time, or format on the new page, then click “Download Reviews” to start scraping customer reviews. 4. Once the process completes, click "Download Reviews" on the popup to download the data as a CSV/JSON/XLSX(Excel) file. 5. If you need AI analyze and summarize user reviews. Click the "AI Review Summary" button below for a detailed analysis. The extracted file conveniently organizes all key review information, including: - Product Name and ASIN - Reviewer Name, Location, ID - Rating, Title, Full Text - Feedback, Verified Status - Date, Images, Product URL New Feature: AI Review Summary In addition to scraping reviews, our extension now supports AI Review Summary. This ChatGPT-powered feature provides concise summaries, categorizing insights into: - Advantages - Disadvantages - Improvement Suggestions - To Buy or Not To Buy Recommendations With Amazon Reviews Extractor, e-commerce professionals can quickly conduct competitive research, monitor trends, compare products, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. How quickly will I get the results? The data extraction process begins immediately after you make a request. The duration will vary based on the amount of information needing retrieval. Data Privacy The data you work with remains confined to your local machine and does not traverse our servers at any point. Disclaimer This extension is an independently developed product by ExtensionsBox and has no association with Amazon, Inc.

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