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Christian Allyse Lester

Sep 23, 2023

quick view extension won't work after full version purchase

I've purchased the full version for a year and the quick view extension will not run. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it still will not show details. Please advise


Jul 30, 2023

Can't download an extension

I am unable to download to an browser extension of its. Is show an error and telling that i have already downloaded the extension which i haven't. So fix it quickly

Antoinette Mangion

Mar 7, 2022


The extension isn't accessing the UK Amazon market for me, ii takes me straight to the US Amazon market and to content not remotely related to my Amazon UK product page?

Bernard Cochran SR

Oct 1, 2021

I'm have a problem downloading amazon chrome

I just downloaded Firefox, and I can't seem to get the google chrome working, I try to download both DS quick view and AMZ suggestion expand, nothing seem to be workikng.

Bruce L

May 27, 2021

support for - what is and is not supported?


Feb 20, 2021

Extension for Amazon Audible

Hi, i want to access sales and ranking data on Amazon Audible for and .com - i have already downloaded Amazon Quick View by AMZScout but nothing happens when i hover the cursor over the product on Audible or on Amazon..Can you please advise?


Jan 11, 2021

Не могу отменить подписку!

Я уже 2 месяца пытаюсь отменить вашу подписку. Ежемесячно с меня снимается 14,9$
На сайте в личном кабинете нет возможности отменить подписку.
Как мне это сделать? И будьте вы прокляты!

Eduard Kozachenko

Jan 8, 2021

Невозможно работать, дергается страница браузера

Невозможно работать, дергается страница браузера

Greg Wilber

Nov 6, 2020

Says can not display the information

Says We're sorry but Amazon does not provide data for this item on every item.

George J

Oct 30, 2020

Not showing FBA / FBM / AMZW


For some reason the extension is hiding the sellers: FBA / FBM / AMZW information now. Can you fix this?

Thank you

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