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Amber Jones

Feb 22, 2023

AMZ Multi-Tool

Trying to utilize your amazon amz multi tool but it's only showing half of it. Please help!

L Simon

Jan 16, 2023


tell me where i can cancel my subscription because i cant find it

Melvin Pimentel

Dec 29, 2022


I'm trying to figure out which subscription I'm in and if I wanted to how can I cancel it ?

Red Pgn

Dec 26, 2022

stopped working

the app stopped working please check what is going on

Shawnly Naraja

Jul 22, 2021

It's not working

I created an account with there website, got there multi tool, still have 7 days left, but its still not working when finding products on amazon com.

Charles Bartliff

Jan 31, 2021

not showing sellers or price info

When first installed multitool worked fine but after about 2 weeks stop showing price and amount of sellers.
Have removed and reinstalled with same result. Asin checker working properly.

Will V

Aug 15, 2020

Causes issues with other Pages.

When installed, this application appears to cause formatting issues with other pages on Amazon (for instance, I am unable to see the product reviews correctly.) Please advise, thanks.

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