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Linda Emrick

Aug 15, 2023


I had a lot of points which kept saying redemption pending but now they have all disappeared. Could you please help me figure this out?


Mar 1, 2023

Extension Doesn't Work

Hello, pricepulse chrome extension doesn't work for me. what's the problem? I put 40 items on the watchlist. but,there's a situation where I can't watch price changes and stock availability. and I'm registered here also. can you help me to solve this problem for me?

Louis Cameron

Jul 8, 2022

Chrome extension ruined my app account.

I signed into PP using the chrome extension and it completely wiped out my earned coins in the app on my iphone. Had over 1500 coins and now it shows that I have -960, NEGATIVE amount. It also now makes me wait 24 hours before getting a mystery box. Please HELP!?


Jun 17, 2021

Won't sync

I can't get the app to sync with the Chrome extension. My Chrome extension is connected to my Google account, but when I try to connect my Google account to the app on my phone, it fails. I go to "sign in to pricepulse" and see the option to sign in with facebook, sign in with Apple, and then "sign up" with Google. I click on sign up with Google, even though I already have an account, go through the google permissions/verifications, but after that's all done, the app acts the same as before, doesn't register that I'm signed in, doesn't connect the accounts at all, as if I hadn't given it permission to connect. So I'm stuck with the stuff I add to the Chrome extension not syncing with the app, simply bc I can't sign in to the app with the same account I use to sign in on Chrome.

Malachi Davis

Dec 20, 2019

Chrome extension has no native sign in option.

I love this app on my iPhone, however, I don't see anywhere to log in without logging into facebook. I don't have facebook, nor do I plan on ever signing up for it. Why no native sign in option?

Amy Kate

Jul 29, 2019

Login with Email?

Hello, I have this app on my iPhone. I used my email to create the account. I do not see a login option on the Chrome extension to use my email.
I don't need duplicate accounts. Am I missing something?


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