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Andrew Emailg1

Nov 2, 2023

Price Alert Location

Where is the add price alert button ?

Mariana M

Oct 30, 2023

Can't add price tracking.

Always see message ORIGINAL PRICE N/A N/A.
Please fix it.

Ibn Emara

Sep 5, 2023

Synced tracked items between devices and adding email notification

i hope you to add sign in option so all devices connected to each other and also adding items in one device appears in the other one. because i have more than 3 devices and i cant add all what i'm tracking to the 3 devices and I'm not online on them all time so if there is a way to keep tracked items synced between devices that's will be very good.
And it will be very helpful if you add email notification options so if i turned it on i'll receive an immediate email with price drop

Francis Driscoll

Aug 25, 2023

How to use

Where is the "Add to Price Alert" on amazon? I can't seem to add anything to this extension.


Apr 8, 2023

reading the amount incorrect

For a few products (probably all) on amazon, where the amount is greater than a thousand and at it read like 1,199 (which is 1200 - 1) it reads it as 1.199 (about Rs. 1.2). I wasn't sure about the issue when recently I noticed, for an item pricing 9,990 it read it like Rs. 9.99. I believe it's considering comma as decimal. See this for example

Mohmaed Elsayed

Mar 10, 2023

internet data usage

the extension is great it got me a new mobile with a great discount so thanks alot.

but i have a problem that the extension use a huge amount of internet data it uses like 70 to 100 gigabytes a month and this is alot compared to my internet quota. if there is an efficiency mode to use less internet data that is added to the extension it will be great. thanks in advance

yusuf atalar

Mar 5, 2023


hello, can you add an export to excel button to the software?

Chris Bertrand

Feb 21, 2023

Transfer information across multiple machines?

It is installed on computer A with 6 price alerts, computer B in Sync installed extension, computer B does not have the 6 price alerts from computer A. How do you solve this issue?

Emma joy

Sep 9, 2022


i wot a now Mobile phone please

Mehmet Kaplan

Aug 27, 2022

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