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Sepp Salopp

May 25, 2022



Are you planning to release an updated, much better working, version?

Brian Williams

Nov 12, 2021

Doesn't seem to work anymore!

In the last month or two, I see no noticeable difference with this extension enabled or disabled.

Anne A

May 3, 2021

Can't turn Amazon Lite back on

When I had Amazon Lite on I couldn't see the items in my cart. So I cleared the check box for Amazon Lite that was available on one of the screens. I see that my extension is enabled, but haven't found a way to turn Amazon Lite back on.

Fernando Perez

Feb 24, 2021

 are missing

With Amazon Lite active, I can check out with items in my cart but I can't see those items. When I hit the switch to turn off Amazon Lite at the bottom of the site, the items are listed prior to checking out.

Items used to show up before with the extension active, so it seems Amazon changed something on their back-end that the extension seems to be picking up as something to filter out.

Eric Lewis

Feb 7, 2021

Amazon lite-- Doesn't work incognito

Amazon Lite doesn't work at all incognito, even when I have it checked under extension details.

plattrap X

Jan 24, 2021

Disappears the first "Track Package" button on orders page

If I go to my orders page, the first "Track Package" button disappears.
If I go to "Open Orders", then the "Track Package" survives, but the first "Archive Order" button disappears.

Shahar Frank

Jul 5, 2020

Can you please add the UK?

jon 2bar

Apr 25, 2020

Ajout au panier

Nettoie bien la page mais supprime des offres dans la liste des marchands, ajouter au panier disparaît parfois.

Trent Scott

Mar 16, 2020

Does not block sponsored products

Does not work as advertised - do not download.

Matthew Dempsey

Feb 12, 2020

Does it remove sponsored adds?

Hi, Amazon puts so many sponsored adds it makes it difficult to find what I am actually looking for. The description reads this app will remove sponsored adds but it does not seem to work. I there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks - Matt

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