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Khizer Bin Saad

Oct 14, 2022

Automatically update data in excel sheet

Is there any way we can se dates and your tool scrapes data for that particular date for our specific ASIN on our specified keywords?

Oleg “Fox” Liss

Nov 10, 2020


Hello does your Chrome Extention work in Japan?
I cant check the conversion on

to be

Jan 5, 2020

rank and position update

HI there, thanks for this beautifull idea,
first of all i am using this extension for ebooks and books,
but i don't understand why sometimes the page rank is different from reality,when i check on amazon (incognito mode),the result is very close...but not alwais right...maybe the extension has and update scheduale and that is why can result slighlty different from reality ?
and about the number of position, that is normally a far number from the truth, as for instance, rank page 5, position 117 ...which is impossible because every book page on amazon has 16 books on list. i hope you could explaine to me. thanks for your time and congrats.

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