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Vitor Py Braga

Feb 14, 2024


Hey, is not listed on the websites you check. Could you add it?

If it's open source, give me a link and I'd be happy to add it myself.

Facundo Chaud

Aug 22, 2020

Doesn't work anymore in

It worked like a charm a few weeks ago, but since this week doesn't work anymore. It looks like amazon site changed something. Can you fix it?

Theresa Böck

Jul 30, 2020

not working

Did not work at all on, the bar to filter results never showed. Deleted the extension


Jan 25, 2020

.de - not working

not working, can you fix?

Guilherme Paes

Jun 15, 2019

Not working


This extension is not working for amazon uk, at least for me.

I'm already signed in, my default shipping address is set to ireland, and when I search something on amazon, it shows on the top a bar to show or hide the items, but nothing happens, even clicking on the bar to show/hide, nothing happens.

I even tried enabling it on incognito window and running it in incognito, but still nothing happens, thanks


May 30, 2019

Language keeps changing

When I visit, the language keeps getting changed from English to Dutch when the extension is installed.

Alan Carroll

May 26, 2019

Stopped working

Has completely stopped working. Nothing gets filtered but the bar still appears to Hide/Show items.

Alex Petin

Apr 17, 2019


Hi! We're interested in your browser extension. We're considering to buy it if it's possible. Are you open for such offers?


Claire Moss

Apr 7, 2019

Irish on couk

I'm located in the UK (ISP), default address is Ireland, using co,uk

Nothing happening

Lacey Carpenter

Sep 16, 2018

not working

Logged into my account. Its set to ON, however the filter, its not working at all. My location is set to default. Im using the Website. I see the same results with it on or off. my location is in hawaii & so many places "require special handling and dont ship to your location".

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