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Manuel Reimer

Mar 28, 2023



is it possible to change the color of the buttons??


Feb 18, 2021

Not working

Hi I've downloaded the extension but nothing is happening, the buttons don't show up at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but not working. Any suggestions?


Dec 27, 2020

I wish to install it, but I can't

When trying to download, it says: "Package incorrect. Détails : "Impossible de charger le JavaScript "jquery.js" du script de contenu."

Steve Weber

Nov 26, 2018

confirmed install issue with "Could not load JavaScript 'jquery.js' for content script."

confirmed Dorian Bucur issue with the filename mismatch. "Could not load JavaScript 'jquery.js' for content script."

if it's not too much trouble could you update the manifest to use "jQuery.js"?



Mar 9, 2018

Error on installation

Hello Scott,

I am getting the following error when trying to install the extension:

Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load javascript 'jquery.js' for content script.'.

I notice that the jQuery file is called "jQuery.js" in the package, but it is declared in the manifest as "jquery.js"

Might this be due to the fact that Linux file system is case sensitive while Windows file system is not?

Jethro S

Jul 6, 2017


Hi Scott,

i had made my own modification from your code that makes the button auto-hide and reappears when the pointer enter the specific area, in my case, near the button.

Is it okey if i launch it with another name with credit to your or is it better if you make some update based on my idea?

That's all, thanks for you time if you read this.


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