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ahmed mekawy

Oct 19, 2023

لماذا لا يفعل allow select and copy

لا استطيع تفعيل التطبيق allow select copy

Dave Myron

Sep 19, 2023

Doesn't work on the site I installed it for

Unable to select and copy from

Brian Bushmaker

Dec 28, 2022

Outlook Webmail

With the extension installed, recently I noticed that you are unable to select a name in the to/cc/bcc fields when composing an new email from outlook web access in the autocomplete/previously used list. You can however arrow up/arrow down and hit enter to side step the issue. Only the selection with the mouse seems to be probematic. With the extension disabled, I'm unable to duplicate this behavior. Can you please review this. Thank you!

Титан Первый

Nov 17, 2022

Ultra button

Please, add possibility to rurn on Ultra mode via extension menu instead of keyboard shortcut

Afreen Hasan

Oct 17, 2022

Thank you

I need it

Mik Scheper

Aug 16, 2022

Doesn't work on AirB&B? Even 'ultra mode'?

I'm trying to copy an address from the AirB&B 'Trips' page, at Even when I turn on 'ultra mode', it just drags a link around. Shouldn't it work? Thanks!

Mathias Böhmer

May 15, 2021

Possible to only allow on specific sites?

I know I can opt-out for individual websites, but would it also be possible to have the extension disabled by default and only allow it for individual websites when needed?

Dolly Singh

Sep 10, 2020

Not working onভাইভা-ভোসি/

Please make sure that it works on all the sites, the sites which have protected their content and their source code specially.

Титан Первый

Aug 8, 2020

Always Ultra mode

Please, add possibility to always turn on Ultra mode on specific domen


Mar 3, 2020

not working on this site

not working on this site

Google apps