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Pietro Camargo

May 13, 2024

nova opsao

poderia ter a opsao de colar em sites que nao permitem usar o ctrl v

Mikhail Alekseevich

Apr 22, 2024

Copying protected text.

Selecting text for further translation on

Ashish M Jain

Mar 20, 2024

A feature to improve productivity

In a web page for example there are tables with multiple columns you can't separately copy a specific column if you could arrange a specific selection area option the tool would be much more efficient

Максим Ладыгин

Feb 16, 2024

GyungMin Jeon

Jan 8, 2024 this link not working

this link not working. fix please

जय श्रीराम ,

Jan 7, 2024

allow ctrl+c in this

time consuming

Bloo JD

Nov 15, 2023

Button press

You should add the abliilty to turn on and off the extension with a custom button like if i press L i can turn it on and off


Nov 11, 2023

nao consigo fazer daulou

nao consigo baixar imageas


Sep 23, 2023

Text copy on photos.

It would be good if we could copy the texts on the youtube videos, like if the thing we wanna write is on the screen we just copy it from there.

Naohide Sano

Jul 28, 2023

This breaks Goggle My Maps scrolling.

at Goggle My Maps site. this extension breaks mouse scrolling by dragging on the map. (the url is like Please check it.

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