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Metin Demircan

Nov 29, 2022

PS Plus Subscription

Hi, can you add PS Plus subscription support? It would be nice to see which games on PS Plus Extra, Premium or in my case Deluxe. Btw, extension is great, I just wish I discovered earlier <3 Thanks for the amazing work.

Roderick Meadows

Nov 1, 2022

PlayStation Plus

Since PlayStation allows you to stream games (using PlayStation Plus, used to be PS Now) to your PC, it would be nice to have this included.

Brian Lynchehaun

Apr 24, 2021

Extension not working at all

I've noticed that multiple games on the steam store aren't being flagged as part of XBox Game Pass. I've checked several (eg No Man's Sky, The Medium) and none of them are being marked.
I have removed the extension and re-added it, rebooted, etc, and nothing has changed. Heads up.

Sollano Rabelo Braga

Oct 15, 2020

Yakuza Kiwami are on game pass, but the extension doesn't say so

The titles basically sums it up. Yakuza Kiwami is not showing the warning...

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