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T House

Jul 28, 2023

The extension does not work !

I don't see the button to search for video on any product ! FIX THE PROBLEM

Merav Pazarka

Jul 9, 2023

AliExpress Video Finder

app not working at all

Ahmed Ali Soltani

Jul 9, 2023

Indicator not appearing

Added the exttension but dont see the indicator.


Apr 3, 2023

Icon indicating videos doen't appear

After addin the extention the icon of indicating videos doesn't apperar

Ethan Acevedo

Feb 20, 2023

New user. Not Sure if I set up wrong or if Extension no Longer works

I followed the easy steps to download and add the chrome extension. But I do not see any icons indicating a product contains a video, as described by the image on your description page.
Assistance on the issue would be very helpful.
Thank you.
Best wishes.

MyGoodyShop - ShopForGoodies

Nov 17, 2022

Extension No Longer Working

This used to work beautifully, but now it's no longer working. Please resolve, it was very helpful using your extension.

Fernando Pulido

Nov 16, 2022

video finder app

app not working at all

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