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Per S

Nov 5, 2022

missing orderdata

Hi. about 20-30% of all the exported rows just says: "New Aliexpress order page. Data not available for multi-product orders" been using the addon for years but this is something new. what does it mean?

Jason Zettl

Sep 24, 2022

Error when downloading orders

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'country')

Jennifer Iacono

May 4, 2022

Only Donate Button Works

I've seen this reported before and you said you fixed it. I'm having the same problem now though. Signed in, on the proper page and none of the fields are accessible except Donate.

Greg M

Apr 2, 2022

Invoices not showing taxes etc

I tried printing off the invoices for purchase but the invoices are missing taxes (which AE collects) plus shipping & discounts. Is this normal?

Luka Ritsma

Mar 28, 2022

Tracking codes are not being downloaded

When I download the CSV it just doesn't show any tracking codes in the excel file. Can you please help me? This is why I decided to use this tool, because I need the tracking codes in bulk.

Rohini Goodell

Jan 31, 2022

Cannot Export Orders even after Donating

This app does not seem to be working - only the DONATE button works. Nothing happens is your App down? Thank you, Rohini

Instagram Service

Jan 21, 2022

Not working

I want to export my orders but the only link working is the donate button. I am not able to fill in the dates to export the orders, please help.

Diego Alfonso

Mar 18, 2021

Quiero saber si es posible cambiar el formato de la fecha de las órdenes

Quiero importar los archivos .csv descargados mediante la extensión a una base de datos sql, pero el formato de la fecha no es compatible, ya que es, ejemplo: 12:55 Mar. 15 2021. Quisiera que se pudiese obtener de la siguiente manera: 15/03/2021 12:55

Jim Foster

Jan 27, 2021

AliExpress Helper

When I am logged into my account and I am on the orders page,, I click the extension and all that happens is the browser goes to the coupons page and shows me an overview of coupons. But I can't get access to the order export functionality. Is there any documentation to explain how this works? Thanks.


Sep 23, 2020

How to downlaod orders?

Hi guys! Where can I find tutorial or some kind of instructions? I have downloaded the extension but now what? I need to download my orders/payment confirmation. How to do that?

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