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Aliexpress data scraper - easy data extraction tools of product, price, sales rank, review

Aliexpress Data Scraper - Product, Sales: Aliexpress Data Scraper - Product, Sales is an easy tool for extracting product data from Aliexpress . -We extract practically all page data, such as price, shipping, product, sales, stocks, category, product description, product feature, and customer review. - Bulk URL feature allows you to add up to 100 product URLs, single product URLs, category URLs, or both, all of which must be separated by commas and exported data to an excel file. - When you click the Start Extraction button, the scraper automatically collects product data. Scrap product data such as Product Title, Price, Brand, - If the extension closes for any reason during the process, click the restart button to resume extraction from that product. How to use : 1. Go to 2. In the search field, type whatever terms you want, or pick the product categories you want, such as brand name, product keywords, and so on. 3. To fine-tune the search results, use the filtering option and then press enter. 4. Once the search results have appeared, launch the chrome extension and click the start button. The following are the advantages of using this product: - Restart functionality: You can resume scraping data from a product if the scrapper closes in the middle of a job. - Bulk URL: The bulk URL must be a comma-separated list of product URLs from which data can be collected. - Competitor analysis: For further study, export the entire product list, sales rank, and pricing information to Excel. - Online retail arbitrage: In Excel, extract the product specifications of the lowest-priced product and put it on a different marketplace. e.g. Extract product data from and list it on Amazon platforms using the Amazon inventory loader or third-party listing tools to publish to Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, and other platforms. - Know your customer: Extract the customer review of specific products - Market research: Understand how many resellers and competitors selling the same products and in the same market - Unauthorized sales channel monitoring: By extracting the product and listing information, you can easy to identify which sellers list below reseller price, to identify the potential reseller that engages parallel import or counterfeit products What data you can extract : - Product specification - Price - Seller price and details - Product URL - Product image and specification - Customer review What product categories support : - All categories How many number data support : - No limitation Exception : - Due to the huge data extraction process, the browser may be downed due to the computer runs out of ram. This recommends extracting less than 1000 data each time - The extension may hang or exceptional loading time is required depending on the volume of data Technical support : We welcome any comments or ideas to enhance the products. Please contact: Developer:

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