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Nan Genial Sun

Jun 8, 2024

Stopped Working

First of all, congratulations on developing this plug-in for Google Chrome. I was using it perfectly until 06/06/2024 and suddenly it stopped working. I would really like this plug-in to continue working, as it is fantastic. Could you please check why it stopped working. I work in the US market, so it carries Thank you very much for your help.

Moeen Hashmi

Dec 23, 2022

Video Identification does not work on search result

when you search any product on Aliexpress, the video identification icon does not show on any product. It only works when you open category by navigation.

Long Bui

Feb 2, 2022

I want to change currency when seeing detail product

When I click on Aliquick icon, I see the currency doesn't change. I set up USD for my Aliexpress page but when it still shows the current currency.

Solution for me: I have to use VPN to Fake IP. The currency changed then.

But changing IP takes a lot of time.
Can you add "Change currency option" on this extension?

Thank you for creating this excellent extension.

Drop Shipping Gori

Oct 9, 2021

Download Options

Dear developer,
Its extension is perfect, congratulations on the great work.
I would like to make two suggestions:
1) Being able to choose which destination folder the files should be downloaded.
2) Download the files in a zip file. My browser is set up with the option to [save as] for download, so the files are being downloaded one by one manually.

Mira Obermüller

Jul 27, 2021

Function for finding similar products does't work anymore

Hello :) First of all: thanks for this great tool! It's a huge help and works really good. Unfortunately the function for finding similar products isn't working anymore. The tab "similar" just stays empty. I've already cleared my browser data and also reinstalled the plugin. Do you maybe have any idea, what else I could try to fix it? I would be really grateful for any tips. Kind regards


Jun 22, 2021


Hi, I'm an ali quick user

I want to report, it looks like the Ali Express web has an update

when I type car in the extension

but changed to

So the extension doesn't work
AliExpress Standard Shipping Identifications

Video Identifications

I'm a loyal aliquick user, really hope for the developer to update this

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