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Stuart Harrison

Dec 8, 2022

Record a macro to work through a list of domains

Hi there, is it possible to record a macro to do the following?:
- Reference a domain URL in a Google sheet
- Open the domain URL in a new tab
- Click to run an extension 'Color and fonts extractor'
- Click 'fonts'
- Copy the fonts listed
- transpose paste them into the Google sheet in the columns next to the domain URL
- Go to the 2nd domain URL on the list
- Repeat

Mark Shearer

Nov 7, 2021

Deleting existing text

With Dejaclick, I open a form which I need to fill out. There is default text there which I need to remove or overwrite. I have tried highlighting the text and deleting or just using the back space to delete the text. On the form the original text is not longer displayed, however when I replay the original text still exists with my new text concatenated to the end in each field.
I cannot locate any support articles that assist with this issue, Thankyou.

roman lohyn

Oct 28, 2020

where is button?

Hi, have added the extension but can't see the button to start the app anywhere on Chrome. What am i missing? Thank you Roman LOHYN

Keith Ingram

Dec 17, 2019

Can't open the extension

Clicking the extension button doesn't open the interface (it worked last week). I see a window flash as if it's opening but then it just disappears.

Blare Marketing

Oct 7, 2019

Is there a loop option?

I cant seem to locate an option for it

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