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Daegan Cole

Sep 11, 2020

Issues trying to launch.

I don't know how to use this. I've gone into my extensions, and there's no option to launch it, along with no way to pin it. I don't exactly know what to do next, and I need some help.

Usually when one is recently added it gets added to pins almost automatically, but that's not the case for this, and Google Extensions doesn't have an option to pin it.

Dhaval Pandya

Jan 30, 2020

Why does extension need permission to read browsing history?

Why does extension need permission to read browsing history?


Nov 27, 2019

Не видно половины интерфейса

When you open the application window, the interface is not visible. Reinstalling the extension does not help

Garry Kline

Oct 25, 2018

Adding ISO HTML color names

Hello talented and underappreciated developer,
I found your extension very useful for identifying specific colors found in images within my browser. I have a couple of requests that I believe will make it even better.
1. Please add an option to grab the English color name that most closely matches the standardized naming convention found here:
I manage an online fashion store and being able to identify product colors to list as options for our customers is important. Granted, the 8-bit color palette is limited and your extension would help take the guesswork out of deciding if something is Pink, BlueViolet, or DarkMagenta (all valid colors in the HTML world).
2. Please add an option to increase the sample size of the eyedropper. I don't mean zoom, rather the ability to sample a section of an image rather than just a point. Due to lighting conditions for most product photos, sampling a wider area of an image will give more accurate results. Have a look at and scroll down a bit, upload a photo and then click the properties tab. The dominant colors section is super useful, however, the AI doesn't do so well on the LABELS tab naming the color in a way I can use.

Anyway, l appreciate your work and look forward to future releases.
All the best,
Garry Kline

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