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Shekhar Srivastav

Sep 14, 2018

Not Working.

Even though I'm Airtel broadband user it shows not connected to airtel broadband.

i i

Jul 20, 2017

Shows days left

Doesnt show Gb left anymore. Shows days left.

CSK - Chandrashekar SK

Jul 14, 2016

possibility of customization ?

is it possible to have options to configure the color / visibility of the information.

its little difficult to read information with the icon background and tiny font size.

so if it would be possible to customize the font and color it would be great!!

CSK - Chandrashekar SK

Jul 14, 2016

What is the update interval / policy?

is it hourly / bi hourly quarterly ?

Shanu Sepaha

Mar 18, 2016

No data display

it is not displaying any thing to me , in both the usage it keeps circling

i have uploaded a screenshot kindly see it

i have tried clearing history of chrome , tried different laptop and pc still not getting the app to work for me , kindly guide me what to do

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