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Joda Stößer (SimJoSt)

Nov 27, 2023

Deal with sorting of paginated listings

I suggest making the sorting option more apparent and give some additional context.
Instead of having it just as a right-click menu, it would be easier to use, when embedded into the site as a ui element. This would also allow to include some additional information.
Either letting the user know, that sorting only occurs on the current page. Or maybe some options to load all listings in the background to properly sort all listings across all pages.

For now, I use the filter and only look at chunks of listings with a specific price range. Then I move on to the next price range, connecting with the previous one.

Joda Stößer (SimJoSt)

Nov 27, 2023

The sort feature doesn't seem to work properly

Right clicking and selecting a sort option is available and has some effect. However, sorting by price doesn't correctly sort the listings. For me, the cheapest one doesn't appear at the front and the sorting is not consistent through out the full page.
I have checked the details of the listing, to account for prices without discounts, fees, etc. and cannot find a pattern it might sort for, that makes sense.
Reversing the price sorting, works perfectly for that one page. The order, while still incorrect, flips perfectly.

And important to not, the sorting only occurs on the current page. I does not include listings on subsequent pages.
This means, you can only sort a subsection of the otherwise sorted by airbnb list.

Mark A

May 27, 2020

Add Pet Friendly filter?

Just started using this extension. Could you add Pet Friendly option on the filters?

Bernardo Osuna Monroy

Jan 12, 2020


It would be great to have it for safari

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