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ahmed fathy

May 27, 2024

can't close the extension

If I am on a webpage with two YouTube videos and I enable the extension, I am unable to shut it, and when I use the esc button, it switches to the other YouTube video, which remains in a loop and cannot be closed. Is there a remedy for this?

Nabil (Moda)

May 23, 2024

Dutch Language?

Do you / Will you provide support for the Dutch Language learning?

Thank you


May 11, 2024



Evan Mantri

Apr 9, 2024

Youtube comments won't load while extension is installed.

Translations and interface are excellent, but the comments on youtube videos never load with Trancy installed.
(I'm not talking about while the app is active and translations are running in theater mode, just with it installed generally.)

Is there a fix for this? Because it makes this otherwise great extension unusable.

Afiqah Rozali

Apr 7, 2024

Pops up even after I removed extension

Hello, the automatic captions keeps showing up even after I uninstalled the extension.


Mar 3, 2024

this plugin leads to 100% memory consumption

When I visiti some specific php-based webpage, it will cause page out-of-meory. I found out that the culprit of the problem was this extension by disabling and going through them one-by-one

Joshua Chang

Feb 19, 2024

material-symbols-outlined ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

Youtube AI subtitle and Web Translator ID:mjdbhokoopacimoekfgkcoogikbfgngb
bug when open
GET chrome-extension://mjdbhokoopacimoekfgkcoogikbfgngb/assets/fonts/material-symbols-outlined.woff2 net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


Feb 2, 2024

size of sub

Hi, it will be fantastic if we can set the subtile biger, biger than 100%!

Reise Reise

Jan 31, 2024


同时启用Zotero Connector,Zotero Connector裁剪不生效

Hanxin Jia

Nov 13, 2023



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