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Kylie Bonassi

Jan 31, 2024

The pug in isn't working today

It is not showing me the DR score today for any site.

Tetiana Kharchuk

Jan 15, 2024

Not displaying metrics data

Hello! I have a problem with Ahrefs extension. I have already cleared cache and allowed cookies. Metrics data are not displayed.

Grace Burton

Oct 11, 2023

DR Rating & Web Metrics not loading


A few of us are experiencing an issue with the extension, the DR rating and general metrics section is blank, not pulling through any data across sites. Can you help? Thank you

TJ Bowman

Sep 24, 2023

Dark mode metrics bar

The ah_statsbox-item-value color is the same as the bar background color and you can't see the stats values unless you hover over them. Please don't make me use the light mode metrics bar it hurts my soul

adrian del rosario

Aug 2, 2023

Google Search results SEO metrics missing

I don't see the SEO metrics for the top-ranking pages from google search page anymore. Can someone help me?

Greg Boyce

Jun 16, 2023

Metrics Not Working

I am logged into my account. The Metrics tab is only showing an error message "Error fetching data. Please try again later." and the button for Web vitals. No other information is shown in the card. It worked normal as of yesterday afternoon. Thank you.


Apr 26, 2023

I dint want to crawl a div headings in this tool

In my website headings under a div i dont want to crwal them into this tool

Markus Zadina

Apr 6, 2023

No SEO metrics on SERPs and no toolbar for checking results in other regions

I have the Ahrefs toolbar installed and I am logged in.
I see metrics directly under Googles search box and I see the Ahrefs box with keyword ideas. In the plugin the search metrics and Serp tools are switched on. I see the keyword metrics (and can change them) but I don´t see position numbers or results metrics. And what I am missing the most is that the local search simulator is not working ... meaning I don´t see a toolbar for it anymore. on the right side of google searchbox is nothing. It was working until there was an update a few weeks back and it does not work anymore. I need this to work on client projects now.

Chris Bernal

Mar 15, 2023

Ahrefs overlay not showing up

Hello, the ahrefs overlay (bar under each search result) is not showing up. I have updated chrome, cleared cache, whitelisted ahrefs, and reinstalled the extension. Is there something I'm missing?

Diana Bloom Driscoll

Nov 29, 2022

no toolbar

downloaded but no toolbar

Google apps