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Blu Ray

Apr 30, 2024

Chrome stops playing video while try to recognize


at the moment everytime chrome starts to stuck when I start the addon.
video will play for further 2-3 secs and then stop.
after the recognisation failed the video will go on and play normal.

any ideas?

Benyahia Simon

Dec 26, 2023

Audio cuts off

Whenever i start the extension the audio cuts off then it says "Your browser can't record audio" with red is there a fix

Ghali Lahlou Mimi Première A

Aug 20, 2023

Backup Import

Hello please cna you tell me how to import the backup ? i deleted the extension because i was saying "service worker innactive and i thought that i would need to unisntall it. i have the AHA music export

Master Gamer

May 4, 2023

the extention doesn't work

whne I start to record it says that your browser can't record audio and I'm using chrome

Infiniti 57

Apr 17, 2023

"Network error: Network Error"

When I try to identify a song using this It after some time says "Network error: Network Error" Idk why it does that. I have clear network connection. Please Fix!

Noah Walters

Mar 21, 2023

Part of song I'm idenifying skips a part of song

Every time I use Aha to idenify a song, after 8 second, the part of the song I'm currently on gets skipped. Can you explain why this keeps happening? Can you please fix this? Thanks!

Volodya S (Canuke)

Feb 21, 2023

Audio input

I want to use Stereo Mix, but it only gave me the choice of microphone. Not what I want!

Ziqian Gao

Feb 11, 2023

Glitchy audio whilst using

Whilst using the extension on websites using audio context engine like or, the audio pitch gets changed whilst recording

Colt Bush

Dec 18, 2022

"Your browser can't record audio"

When trying to record any song it just says "Your browser can't record audio" and no idea how to enable this.

Homie Mantis

Dec 4, 2022

Extension not working on Chrome and Chromebook

Not really sure about how to get other browsers correctly on a Chromebook, so I haven't tried other methods.

Attempting to use the extension lags my laptop for a split second while starting and ending, not being able to find any song regardless.

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