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R Chandler

Oct 19, 2021

Doesn't install - only says "Checking..." and then doesn't ever become enabled

Known issue?


it doesn't appear that this is been updated in years

Cynthia “Cindy” Harner

Jul 14, 2021

agile crm

Need to add to my new laptop.

Michelle Shumate

May 20, 2020

Login problems

I updated my login and now when I try to submit the new e-mail with the Rest API, I receive the error "Please verify the above details given in the above fields"

Danie de Klerk

Jan 29, 2020

Add to AgileCRM not visible - Manual Fetch not working

I cannot see the Add to AgileCRM Contacts button under the profile on LinkedIn. When i try to Manually fetch, it does not pull the data into the fields.

Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro

Jul 15, 2019

Plugin doesn't connect with my AGILECRM account

All the information provided is correct, I also used the API key and I still get the same error:

'Please verify the above details given in the above fields.'

I've tried several times, can you please check? Thank you

Chris Colotti

Jan 3, 2019

Little to no new development on this

This works but it's clunky and does not play well with the new GMAIL and same goes for the GSuite marketplace app. The track emails option does not click and this pushes the "send" button off the page and requires lots of scrolling to the bottom to get it back. I am a brand new user to Agile and NOT impressed with this level of no development on tools.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 12, 2018

Agile CRM extension will not turn on

I keep trying to install/ re-install the chrome extension because I like having the ability to add a lead directly from LinkedIn.

Is there any way to fix this?

Tanislava Gorska

Jun 6, 2018

The Agile CRM pannel disappeared

THe pannel for adding people from LInkedIn to Agile CRM stopped showing up in Chrome

Rohit Batra

May 23, 2018

Stops Notification

The chrome Plugin stops showing the newer notification after a day or two.
Ideal should be that it refreshes and shows the last n(1-7 days) and then overwrites the previous ones.

Stuart George

Apr 8, 2018

Contact Details Popup

This is glitching on ANY linkedin profile. It makes the contact details popup and you cant exit the popup and simply read the profile. Very disappointing as I pay for this service

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