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anjali konari

Sep 3, 2023

not working arc

not working arc extension what sgould i do

Neil Davis

Aug 22, 2023

not working anymore

Nothing happens when you try and launch the app.

Amit Luthra

Jun 29, 2023

Not working

It's not working today. Unable to launch.


Jun 5, 2023

Setting migration

Can't I get the old version(Chrome App) of history and settings?


Apr 14, 2023

How to see Title Bar....?

I can't see the Advanced Rest client Title Bar in the app.....
How to see the Title Bar...?
what is the way that Title bar is showed in Title Bar...?


Apr 10, 2023

Migration after block

How can i get my projects after block, where can i find them on my PC locally ?
Chrome Current build: 114.0.5696.0

Allen (Allen[S])

Nov 2, 2022

Incompatible App

Now that Advanced REST client is listed as incompatible do you plan to launch a standalone tool?

harish edocs

Jul 1, 2022

how to see history

how to see history

Rahul Sharma

Oct 14, 2021

Are we storing any data

I am using to validate some file through this tool? Does it store it in your database?

Mith Coriel

Sep 29, 2021

How to restore saved configurations?

After Chrome "synched" everything and uninstalled API Tester, I reinstalled it. But now all my saved configurations are gone. Is there a way to get them back?

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