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Loraine Lovell

Feb 1, 2024

Windows 11

Does this work with Windows 11 we like it on 10 but wanted to be sure it will work on Windows 11

thewayne 660

Jan 27, 2024

Android devices

Will advanced profanity filter work on Android devices if you are watching Netflix through Google Chrome? And if so how do you get it to work? TIA!

deb ben

Nov 14, 2023


Hi. I like to read on amazon cloud but cannot get the extension to remove profanity from the books. Do it work with read amazon? Thanks

Ivano Mercuri

Nov 11, 2023

Is there a way to make it works with ajax content?

I just discovered that the extension doesn't work on dynamically loaded content, like with ajax calls. Do I have to set something in the settings to make it work in those cases? I need it to censor bad words on discord, and this feature is very important to me

Maryam Abdul-Wahab

Oct 19, 2023

Youtube filtering

Thank you so much for amazing extension. It works on all audios except youtube. What do I need to do in my settings to make it mute bad language on youtube? Thank you.

James Raftree

Oct 13, 2023

not working on Amazon prime uk.

When i watch movies on Amazon prime in the uk, it doesnt filter swear words out.
is this because Amazon Prime is not supported or could it be something else?

james raftree

James Raftree

Oct 13, 2023

Amazon Prime uk

Does this filter movies on Amazon prime video in the uk?

Maria Stayer

Sep 6, 2023

Version 3.2.3 Partial and Whole methods do not apply to newly added words

Hello, I am using the latest Chrome v116. I tried blocking "cyber" (Whole method) but words like "cybergunk" still appear (in the Option Test window). To isolate the problem, I cleared all words and blocked only "cyber" (Whole, Partial methods) then examined the config data in Inline Mode. The "matchMethod" is always 0 no matter what default method is selected. Please see and fix this problem. Thank you.


Aug 6, 2023

too laggy and sometime delete words that it isn''t on list

too laggy and sometime delete words that it isn''t on list

A. Peridot

Jun 19, 2023

Spanish use

Love the extension! Best of many I've tried. Question. Will it work on Spanish language/ translated shows? Thanks for the awesome app!!

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