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Advanced Profanity Filter

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Austin HiggsJun 11, 2024

Have been using this for years. Highly recommend it if there are certain things you do not want to hear. Works perfectly fine on Netflix and Prime, where we use it the most.

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A. GruJun 1, 2024

This works surprisingly well. I am using this right now with Amazon prime, and as long as a show has subtitles on it catches all the profanities. If you add any words of your own to censor to it, you have to reload the video though for it to work. Overall great extension, super helpful.

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Veronique CrothersMay 28, 2024

good add

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Dino MelonMay 8, 2024

Ok so I would've loved for this to work however I think youtube wont let you see bad word captions anymore so it messed it up but if it would've it would have been great!

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Richard FrostDeveloperMay 15, 2024

Yeah, unfortunately YouTube has adopted many different policies over the years that affect how auto-generated captions work. They have switched from allowing captions to include profanity, to replacing some words with markers such as "[ _ ]", to just completely skipping over them. If either of the first two happen the filter should be able to mute appropriately, but if the words are just missing from the captions unfortunately there isn't anything the filter can do. Thanks for sharing your experience! If you have use for it, the filter may be more effective on other sites if you'd like to give it a try.

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Steven BuecheleMay 2, 2024

I haven't tried it for very long, and it's looking good for the text, but I'm watching a video with a guy speaking with a british accent and it's not filtering anything there. I assume that's more of a problem on the youtube side than here, seeing that it creates the captions. If there are any extensions to improve captions on youtube that would be a great benefit to know about.

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Richard FrostDeveloperMay 5, 2024

HI Steven, thanks for sharing your experience with the filter. It sounds like what you're describing is probably related to YouTube's captions, so there probably isn't much I can do to improve it right now, but if you'd like feel free to send me the video in our Discord support channel or send an email to and I'll take a look to see if anything can be done to improve the filtering.

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C RosenfeldApr 21, 2024

I used work for me but for some reason its not wokring at all anymore, i have no idea why.

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Richard FrostDeveloperApr 22, 2024

Hello, I'm sorry that it isn't working for you anymore. Could you share more about what isn't working? Feel free to join our Discord or to email so we can help get it working for you again.

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Prodyout Protim TimurFeb 28, 2024

Okay, The text filtering is fine like ok, but the audio filter SUCK

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Richard FrostDeveloperFeb 28, 2024

Hello, I'm sorry that its not working as you expected. Could you share a bit more about what isn't working? Please feel free to reach out to and I'll be happy to get it sorted out for you. Update 3/18: I'm sorry you are still having trouble with this, but I haven't heard from you by any of the available communication methods (email, Discord, GitHub Issue). I cannot replicate the issue, so I can't release an update to "fix" it. You may want to check that you don't have "Only mute audio" selected (Options page > Audio tab), or that your "Domain Mode" is set to "Minimal" (Options page > Domains tab). Either of those options may be able to cause the filter to not work on most domains. If you do want to get my help, please send an export of your configuration (Options page > Config tab) to me and I'll help you get to the bottom of this issue. Update 3/19: I'm going to be deploying an update that will show why the popup is being disabled, so hopefully that will help. Wordlists can be enabled/disabled with the checkbox by the "Wordlists" header (Options page > Lists tab). Perhaps you disabled them? I can't say for sure why it would be blank. If you have steps to replicate it that might be helpful. When you say on startup, do you mean your browsers start up? Update 4/2: The latest update has been out for almost a week now. Any other questions or feedback on it?

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Jacko NieuwenhuizeFeb 22, 2024

We really love this extension, because it gives us more posibilities without all the bad language. It is especially nice that you can edit your own filter so it gives the possibility for all languages in the world. The support from Richard is very good, we needed a custom language/audio filter and he helped us really well. We really love it. Thank you

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MustafaJan 30, 2024

Really useful, thanks! It just sometimes doesn't detect some words on a video but it's still awesome.

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Juliana Maria / Yumi Freya Russom (July-Chan)Jan 23, 2024


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