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Thiago Nogueira

May 14, 2024

Data Layer Inspector - Block and Swap Scripts Issue

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having with the Data Layer Inspector Chrome extension. I've been using this extension for a while now to debug my GTM implementations, and it's been incredibly helpful. However, I've recently encountered a problem where the "Block and Swap Scripts" feature is no longer working.

The "Block and Swap Scripts" feature is essential for my workflow, as it allows me to temporarily disable specific GTM scripts to isolate and debug issues. Without this feature, it's much more difficult to pinpoint the source of problems.

I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this issue, including:

Restarting my browser
Reinstalling the Data Layer Inspector extension
Checking for browser updates
Making sure my GTM implementations are up to date
Unfortunately, nothing has worked.

I've also searched online for solutions, but I haven't been able to find anything that helps. I'm hoping that someone in this forum may have encountered this issue before and can provide some guidance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Thiago Nogueira

Ben Hopper

Dec 5, 2023

Security Concerns

I work for Okta, the world's leading identity solution provider, and I've loved using the product for years, but it has recently failed a security review internally and Okta employees can no longer use it. Are you working on an update, and if so, can you review the permissions for the extension and potentially narrow the scope?

Michelle Dooley

Nov 16, 2023

Network Hits

I no longer see Network Hits in my console. It used to work. Now I cannot see the brand, type or color code highlights for GA and GA4. I have removed the extension and reloaded and it is still not working.

George Zhang

Oct 24, 2023

Google Marketing Tag

When using the plug-in to view the Ads conversion code, the label has the "googleads pagead viewthroughconversion" field. What does this mean?

Андрій Хорошун

Aug 30, 2023

extension does recognised GA4 events

I set up updated version of Adswerve extension, but it does not recognize GA4 events. How can I solve the problem?

Maite Beltran

Aug 15, 2023


Dear AdSwerve,
I've seen somebody else posted about this and I tried the solutions you posted, but nothing is working. It's been more than a week that I can't use my favourite debugging extension. What am I doing wrong? It just stopped working from one day to another. :(

Emiel Elias

Jun 14, 2022

GA4 Analytics events

Dear AdSwerve,

Recently the DataLayer inspector stopped showing/recognizing GA4 events in de browser console. Is it just me or did something change regarding GA4 events?

Will Johnson

Jun 2, 2022

Privacy Question

Hi Jeff, two privacy-related questions:
1. Does the extension require any permissions to be installed (Example: Display and run third-party web content, etc.)?
2. When the data layer events are pulled, where is the data stored? Does Adswerve receive that data?

Brad Ranks

Apr 6, 2022

Error List


I am looking for a list of errors and a more in depth description and potentially the cause of the error. As an example, I see "Google Optimize ~ no gaData 🙁" in the console, but can't find anything surrounding it. I am unsure what it means as we are collecting both Optimize Tests and GA events are all firing and collecting as expected.

Tian Seng Kear

Dec 7, 2021

~ NOTICE: NOTICE - All dataLayer pushes should have an event key. Without an event key, it is difficult to trigger a tag with the push.

Hi developer,

I'm getting the following error on multiple pages:
~ NOTICE: NOTICE - All dataLayer pushes should have an event key. Without an event key, it is difficult to trigger a tag with the push.

Please could you advise if there's any issue with the plugin or it's GTM/GA issue?


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