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Ratnez Riveq

Oct 10, 2017

Just suggestion add some gui pop-up with @keyword options, author/license/version info, back-to-default button and some standard search engines by-default (if this extension is going to be easy-to-use, user-frienly and all the nonsence, of course).

Ratnez Riveq

Oct 10, 2017

Well, it works just fine, but...

There's little non-serious UI issue (is it called UI?). Let me explain myself. @yt works and that's good. works too, which is not so good, because @-symbol is used for e-mails and user can add its own @searchoptions. So those two things together can cause unpredictable behavior in veeery rare caces. Hope you will fix it such a small "problem".

Merem Solomon

Apr 18, 2016

It didn't work for me...

It might only work when the default search engine is google? My search engine is baidu,and I have the "History Search" extension which allow you to search in history by enter "H keyword"...

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