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Jun 26, 2020


🛠设置选项增加: 是否显示CSS-style样式, 当不显示则不会后台联网加载,
隐藏后的整行也会隐藏了, 即❛JS 用户脚本/ 自定义样式 /帮助❜ 这一行


Feb 22, 2019



Ilene Brookler

Jul 12, 2018


how do i uninstall this app?

A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2018

Tough Cookie

I was looking into your code and I see a very long array of TLD name and I was curious to know why you need it in such extension.

I found it is an NPM package:

Why do you need it in such extension, what is the purpose ? 🤔

It don't seem very efficient to use such BIG object it take so much memory.


A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2018

Bug with Sorting by Updated date

It's me again 😉

There is a bug with "Sorting by Updated date"

Look here:

"Youtube Download MP4" Userscript should be the first since it was updated 5 days ago and also "Anti-Redirect was updated 19 days ago etc. etc.

Could you fix it ?

Regards 👍

A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2018


Maybe you could add it would be relatively easy since the whole database od UserScripts is here in this Github Repo: Scripts.db

Regards 😊

Therese Villemure

May 13, 2018

Small bug in the option panel.

Thanks a lot ! 👍👍👍

There only a small bug with the option screen: I don't use the material interface for the option screen, I disable it via chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions

So the CSS from the option page is too wide I don't see the "close button" for the panel without scrooling:

Just put a lower fixed width for the option panel and center it too and everything should be fine. 😊

Suggestion: you should put your extension on Github it would be more easy to contribute and communicate issues.

Wishing you a nice day ☀️ !

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 26, 2018


This extension is very useful but I'd like to have the option to jusst enable it "on demand" on the site I want instead of continuously monitoring all the page (website) I go.

Just having an option that I would have to click on the popup to have the addon searchin for CSS+ Userscript would be very welcome and easy to do.

I understand that the badge would no longer work but I don't care about it, I prefer to have my privacy under control and keep the resources low low for my browsing session.

Regards !

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