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Rinat Weiss

Jan 6, 2023

Shortcut keys and the "Quick Add +" doesn't work

Hi Toodledo extension developer,
Thank you for this extension, I use it to add task a lot. but two things slow me down and bother me. I would really appreciate it if you can fix them
1. I can't fined the shortcut keys although in they appear in extension video
2. If I mark a word and right click the Quick Add + it doesn't work, nothing is added to toodledo

Martin Chapman

Jan 31, 2022

Pop up "Please sign into Toodledo" started appearing

During the last couple of weeks whenever I use the extension either in GMail or Chrome the add task dialogue box comes up ok and I can enter the task parameters but when I click the "Add to Toodledo" button I get a pop up over the top that says "Please sign into Tooodledo".
If I press the "close" button in the pop up it closes, so does the dialogue box and the task is added to Toodledo ok.
I am automatically signed into Toodledo every time I launch Chrome, is is one of the tabs that opens automatically so there should be no need for me to sign in for the extension to work.

Lonnie Kragel

Oct 26, 2021

Overlaps label button

In Gmail, the "Add to Toodledo" button covers half of Gmail's "Labels" button. So when I click the Labels button to add a label, many times the Toodledo window opens. Unless I click on the left side of the Labels button. This is true in Chrome and Edge.

Otherwise, this is a great and very useful extension. It's faster than sending task emails to Toodledo .

Brian Mitchell

Oct 12, 2021


Can you make Add to Toodledo for Firefox?

Adam Helitzer

Aug 24, 2020

Extended Options screen half blank

Thank you for your work! I've been using the add-on mostly without issue, however when I click the drop down to get the extended option display stays half blank.


Version of Chrome: Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10, t470s computer

Andy Lankin

Feb 26, 2020

Chrome Notification Option!!!

PLEASE! Add an option to DISABLE Chrome notifications!

Aaron Boydston

Mar 5, 2019

Not grabbing gmail info

The gmail button is not grabbing the email url nor the subject line of the email. IOW, it's not really doing anything but bringing up the form with the defaults set.

Tod Sandberg

Sep 24, 2018

How can I add NOTES?

Firstly, this is an Amazing Add-on to Toodledo! Thank you for creating this!

When I bring up the "quick-add form" by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-A and expand to see the other fields, I don't see a place to type in Notes for the task (not the title, but rather the notes field). How can I do that? Am I overlooking it?

(I see that notes is available when you click on the button in chrome.)

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 22, 2018

Toodledo button in gmail opens in "new tab" instead of popup

Hi, the toodledo button in gmail opens in "new tab" instead of a popup.
How do I get it to open as a popup?

Shane Mask

Aug 19, 2018

how to delete?

How do I delete this extension?

Google apps