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Mar 18, 2024

Last edited

Hello ! I am an regular user of Microsoft To Do app. I want to add your extension "Add to Microsoft To Do" but the last update dates from 3 march 2022. Is a new update planned for 2024 ? Thanks for your return, Flo

Mark Dickey

Jan 25, 2024

Task for Gmail Follow up . . .

Does this allow me to create a task for following up on a specific email? It just seems to take me to my Gmail Inbox only. Thanks.

Kyle Cacal

Jan 10, 2024

Your extension doesn't show all my lists when I use come?

Great extension, man. I'd just like to check with you if this issue is just on my end or it's an actual limitation.

Peter Goodman

Dec 7, 2023

Failed to load all task lists

Hi. Thanks for building this. The only issue I have is that it will only show the "Tasks" list and below it has the message: "Failed to load all task lists". Do you have a solution for this>?

Ron Mazzachi

Nov 25, 2023

Lists shared with others do not appear on this extension

This is an excellent extension that I use often. So I have lists in my Windows/Android To Do apps that I have visible only to myself. These appear fine when I want to add items to one of these lists using your extension. However I have a series of lists that I share with my wife. None of these appear in the drop down list when trying to add an item using the extension.

Sybacom Agency

Jul 12, 2022

Doesn't login

1. plugin can't login. It launches the procedure ""

but with no result. That's the result:

2. also, why it needs to authenticate every day? Microsoft requirement ?


Björn Bischof

Apr 20, 2022

Cannot login anymore

Hi Pavel,
since yesterday I get the following error when trying to use or login your extension (translated from german):

The site is unavailable
Check if there is a typo in "".

Can you help?

Jeremy Tyers

Feb 8, 2022

Data Location and Data Processing?

Can you please outline where the data is processed and the specific location of data you pull from msft todo? do you have a data handling outline. For example do you keep a copy of my todo list in detail within your servers loaded in X ? if I stop using the service what do you do with the data?

Sheila Walker

Oct 4, 2021

cant log in

my computer went into a different screen and i cant use it


Mar 11, 2021

date/time interface

I would like to see a clock dial pop up like the Google calendar app on Android for the entering a date and time on a task. I think this is a much more easier UI to work with and prettier, rather than having to scroll through a list of times.
Otherwise, great extension!

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